"No gold, no entry." the small, frail, hunched over, sick-looking pale green creature standing in front of him grunts out in a high pitched, nasally voice. A bridge troll.

"Thou shalt move thyself, or I shalt smite thee where thou stands, vile creature!" the adventurer belts out, sword raised in the air, striking a heroic pose, possibly in an attempt to try to intimidate the bridge troll.

The bridge troll lets out a chuckle, crosses his arms, and repositions himself right onto the middle of the bridge. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, like I haven't heard that before." The troll sighs, and appears to think for a moment, stroking his chin, before he suddenly looks up and begins to speak again. "Look, if you're not willing to give me some gold, maybe you could do me a favor. You up for a quest? I need a scroll of i-"

"Or maybe, I could smite thee!" the adventurer yells, striking another pose, gripping the sword with two hands, planting his feet firmly into the ground.

The troll turns around, and mutters to himself in exasperation for a few seconds. He turns to the adventurer. "Fine, if you're going to 'smite' me, at least let m-" is all he manages to get out before the adventurer charges at him with his sword raised high in the air, and then swings it at the troll, slicing his head clean off before he could even have a chance to react. The troll's decapitated body collapses to the ground, blood seeping out of the open wound where his head used to be.

"Thou hast been slain! Onwards, I must travel, for I senseth the Amulet of Yendor is near!" the adventurer screams, striking yet another pose, for no apparent reason, seeing as how there is absolutely nobody around to watch him. The adventurer runs across the bridge, and into the wilderness, yelling incomprehensibly, sword swinging wildly into the air, voice fading away as he goes further into the woods, until he can no longer be heard.