when fallen during times of disgrace inside the insiduous man of face in the jesting joking way of a portly mannequin within inside you cannot begin into jonathan hill william cliff burton had a bass guitar and he shot an airplane down with the laser beams that protruded from his low e string when he hit the bass it sounded like a sack of potatoes hitting the wall and when a sack of potatoes hit the wall it sounded like a giraffe giving birth to a centaur and when a centaur gave birth to a tomato the world was never the same don't let it happen again otherwise bad things will happen and you really don't awnt bad things to happen because they're bad so just don't let it happen so if you think something bad is going to happen just cover your head and duck for cover underneat ha bridge and hopefully it won't collapse on you from the weight of god sitting down upon it but if it does collapse say goodbye to your life and you'll be seeing god in heaven anyway because he watches you when you die from getting ab ridge falle non you i know its true i saw it happen with my own to eyes and it's a very disgraceful thing that they allow such calamities to happen when my coupon is expired at walmart but it's okay because it happens to the best of us especially when the steam is on the heat on the sunf ote surface of the sun but i dont understand why people have to be this way or why this looks like that or why that looks like this or why my computer is an intel or why i have a bookmark on psaLms 23 of the 3 bibles on top of my computer because devout christians dont eat pork but devout christisans also do eat pork because jesus commanded them to eat the hoof of the pig of the animal that chews cud and they said to the people to eat shellfish and other unclean animals so you should eat like that because ti was commanded you to by god because go dknows best thats why hes here watching you starve to deat h ia gree with the sattement that if teh shoe fits then tyouh sohould wear it but if the shoe doesnt if then you shouldnt wear it therr might e a snake in your boot so just kill it just stomp on it just watch it bleed just step on its neck and when it hsises keep stomping because itll kill you if you dont kill it and i dont awnt to die like that so just kill the snake fucking stomp it please kill it before it kills me i dont want to die not yet anyway wlel thats debatablre just kep in mind that the sanke is bad and this is all for now thank you for listening thank you for watching tune in next tome fi another episode of looney toons of another bug bunny extravangaze for when the space is portious and when the hillocks are open to all strangers and visitoros i have earbuds on my desk hats all folks goodbye

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