drowning words resuscitate inside following developmental instructors inside the lobotomy of the crab shrimp manta ray insiduous references made about developmentally challenged handymen inside the college of jonestown where i don't know where anything goes or what happens but i do know that the janitor works a second shift at the mcdonalds down the street cleaning toilets and i know that the people inside the doctors office are strung thin and i don't know where anything goes or how it works or what happens or where all of this is coming from or what is when is where is why is how is why is but there's nothing left to ask but the background noise grows louder and louder and the colors shine brighter and brighter and the diamonds are rough and uncut and the emeralds are the same way but there's nothing really to say about them because it just keeps going on and on no matter what you do it always keeps going on and on and you can't stop it but it does give a semblance of activity when there's really no activity but when you keep track of the meat in the vegetable aisle at the store you see it's always missing but why is it missing i don't know why it's missing it just is there's nothing stopping you from putting the meat in the vegetable aisle so why don't you put meat there i don't know but i do know that firecrackers don't tell you anything about the meaning of life so you might as well shove one in your mouth and light it and get hot-headed and speaking of hot-headed that's a lot of rage to keep built inside of you but there's no way to release the pressure so eventually it overflows and explodes and you die but i don't want to die not right now at least so i keep the pressure gauge in check but there's no way that the tree in my backyard isn't telling secrets to the grass i mean i can hear it talking at night so it must be whispering at least sometimes but that wouldn't make any sense because how can a tree talk or how can a tree whisper and i don't know but it just can and i'm listening and i hear it but then i realize trees can't talk and i stop hearing it and i hear the microwave talking instead and it flashes numbers at me but i don't know what they mean they're just random numbers like 38942389572398572395832759823795823789523789527389572389572389573108570189201275081 708127 80127085 127085 710285 78013078 you know random like that but i'd like to try to find a meaning in it and i know there has to be a meaning in it and there has to be a meaning as to why there's no meat in the vegetable aisle and a meaning as to why the trees talk and as to why the janitor does what he does but i don't know what to make of all of it, speaking of making i don't have anything relevant to say about it but i'm going to keep speaking because if i keep speaking the quieter the noise gets so i'm just gonna keep talking and then everything's gonna be perfectly fine, firefighters resuscitating inside followign developmental instructors inside the lobotomy of the crab shimp manta ray insiduouos references but the greeks never had a problem with it and neither did the romans but i know they're both talking about me behind my back both the greek and the roman they both are they're probably talking to the tree and so is the sumerian and the egyptian and the persian and whatnot i don't know all of them but i know what they do behind closed doors with their secret illegal gambling operations where they all play poker or go fish or blackjack i don't know but they do it behind the door inside the bingo hall down the street from my house and they're probably the ones that threw the gas bomb in the vents a few months ago when i was in the place (if you know the place you know the place) but they had to have been behind it there's no way they couldn't have been they're all parked out there with their cars and they're all picking up frogs and the frogs croak and ribbit and whatnot but what they don't know is that they breed like rabbits and when a rabbit has a son sometimes it turns out to be a demon so you have to kill the demon, but you can't kill the demon because it's not a physical thing it's a mental thing it latches onto your brain, the demon talks to you and you have to kill it but you can't kill it without killing your brain, so you have to kill your brain to stop the demon and that's the only way to make it shut up but i'm not going to kill my brain because i can deal with the demon without doing that it's fine and i'm fine